Esoteric Book Conference 2011

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2011 Presenters:

Robert Bartlett

Robert Allen Bartlett is a practicing alchemist, professional chemist and author. His interest in the sciences prompted him to construct his own home laboratory when only 9 years old. Robert’s interest in the ancient use of natural materials lead him to the study of alchemical works at the age of 12, and it has become his lifelong passion. In 1974, he left San Jose State University to pursue an intensive course of alchemical study at the Paracelsus Research Society (later Paracelsus College) under the guidance of Frater Albertus. In 1979, he received his B.S. Degree in chemistry and immediately began work at Paracelsus Laboratories as Chief Chemist. Working closely with Frater Albertus, Robert developed a wide range of mineral and metallic preparations following Western and Eastern alchemical traditions. Later, he was selected to become a Director of Research at Tristar, the future vision of Frater Albertus, which would combine the Paracelsus College, Paralab, and a Healing Arts Center into one complex. Unfortunately, with the death of Frater Albertus in 1984, both the college and Paralab closed their doors, and the Tristar dream was never realized.

Robert’s pursuit of alchemical research never diminished, as he continued his career as a research scientist and Chemistry Department Manager for a large materials testing laboratory. In this new environment, he has been able to document alchemical experiments using the very latest in scientific instrumentation.

Robert is currently living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters where he has been teaching classes and giving workshops on practical alchemy since 2002. He is an instructor with the IAGonline Alchemy School as well as having a physical school in the NW, Spagyric Institute of Alchemy. He presents the Spagyrics Workshop at the International Alchemy Conference each year, and is also a keynote speaker. His books, Real Alchemy, A Primer of Practical Alchemyand The Way of the Crucible, are available under the Ibis Press.

Real Alchemy Alchemy Study Alchemy Conference

2011 Presentation:
Alchemy in the 21st Century

A brief look at the Laboratory Tradition of Alchemy and the resurgence of interest in this ancient Art. We will take a look at spagyrics and what that means; explore and learn the Secret Tradition behind it all.

Spagyric is a term coined by Paracelsus in the 16th Century meaning to separate and recombine. The Alchemist’s goal is to separate the plant or mineral into its basic Mind, Body, Spirit; perfect each portion; then resurrect it to a new and “living” tincture that works on the subtle as well as the physical body.

We will explore the history of Alchemy from its origins in Ancient Egypt (Khemia), and trace its trek through the Middle East and India, through the Golden Age, and explore the split between Alchemy and Chemistry that arose later. Take a look at the beginnings of the resurrection of Alchemy in the 1970′s with PRS and Frater Albertus and his vision of Tristar, which today is on the brink of being realized and manifested by serious visionaries working toward that goal. We will look at plates from various Alchemical texts showing laboratory methods and slides of minerals processed in the lab and explore the possibilities for future natural medicines and exotic materials and fuels.

Brian Butler

Brian Butler is a musician, writer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He has written on occult related subjects for numerous publications including Dazed and Confusedand Vestoj. His essay, Wormwood Star, which details the life of Jack Parson’s wife and muse Marjorie Cameron was first published in Disinformation’s Book of Lies(2003). He has appeared on television internationally as an expert on the occult and worked as a consultant for Showtime Networks Development on the biopic of Jack Parsons. He heads his own occult order in Los Angeles, which is based on these teachings and is in the process of publishing his extensive research on the subject.

He frequently collaborates with Kenneth Anger, recently producing the films Brush of BaphometIch Will and Missoni. He also performs with Anger in the band Technicolor Skull. Butler recently directed the films Night of Pan, featuring Vincent Gallo and Kenneth Anger, and Loch Ness Magick, which was filmed on the grounds of Boleskine House, Scotland. His films have screened internationally — the National Film Museum in Beijing, ZDB Gallery in Lisbon, Festival Internazionale Del Film Di Roma, the Athens Biennale, Cannes Film Festival, and the Tate Modern, London.

Brian Butler’s Blog

2011 Presentation:
Marjorie Cameron: The Rituals of The Wormwood Star

Known for her work as an artist, occultist poet, and actress, Marjorie Cameron was the wife of Jack Parsons and assisted him in one of the most important occult rituals of this century, the Babalon Working. Following the tragic death of Parsons, Cameron went on to perform a series of strange workings of her own design. These rituals were devised to invoke her Holy Guardian Angel and to create a Magical Child, sired by Parsons from beyond the grave. The resulting visionary states were reflected in Cameron’s art, poetry, and films.

Vere Chappell

Vere Chappell is a writer, photographer, and researcher specializing in sexuality and spirituality. He travels extensively, studying and documenting sacred sexuality in art, history, and culture around the world. A recognized expert on Ida Craddock, he is the author of Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2010) and editor of Craddock’s Lunar and Sex Worship (Teitan Press, 2010). He holds a doctorate in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and is an international officer of Ordo Templi Orientis. He lives in Southern California with his wife and colleague, Lita-Luise Chappell.

Sexual Outlaw

2011 Presentation:
Ida Craddock: Sexual Outlaw & Erotic Mystic

Ida Craddock was a late nineteenth century advocate for women’s rights who helped hundreds with her sex counseling and marriage manuals. She was also an avid occultist who reported having sexual intercourse with angelic beings. Her work was highly praised by Aleister Crowley, but condemned by moral purists of the time. Although suffering exile, commitment to an insane asylum, and hard labor in prison, Ida’s courage and refusal to compromise her beliefs would lead to her ultimate triumph, even in death. In this lecture we will explore the life of this fascinating woman and her writings on sex magick, mysticism, belly dancing, and intercourse with angels.

Barbara Cormack

Barbara Cormack is the primary editor of Ladies of the Lodge and has been working in the Golden Dawn system for ten years. She is a founding member of the OSOGD and currently serves as its First Adept and Cancellarius General. Barbara holds initiations in three different traditions of Wicca and has served the Pagan communities on the east and west coasts.

2011 Presentation:
The Ladies of the Lodge:
Women of Today’s Golden Dawn Speak on the Practice of Magick

Contributors from several orders and multiple nations address Golden Dawn magick and the place of women in the Order. The primary editor, the commissioning editor, Dr. Amy Hale, and several of the authors including Merilee Catero, Dana Alvara, Kat Lunoe and Brandy Williams, will be present to discuss their writings and the findings of this collaborative project.

John Major Jenkins

John Major Jenkins offers a breakthrough reconstruction of ancient Maya cosmology and philosophy in a body of work that spans three decades. His pioneering theories began in the 1980s and continued with Tzolkin (1992), Maya Cosmogenesis 2012(1998) and Galactic Alignment (2002). His most recent work, The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History, explores the ongoing reconstruction of Maya cosmology, myth and prophecy, firmly rooting it in authentic Maya traditions. John’s work also reveals an underlying current of perennial wisdom in Maya thought — the way that human beings on earth encounter transcendent wisdom and higher intelligences. He has appeared in major media outlets and documentaries internationally. An incisive observer of modern cultural trends, and a critic of both academic and popular misinformation in the 2012 discussion, John brings a discerning voice to complicated issues involving indigenous paradigms, shamanism, Maya astronomy, and 2012 studies.

John Major Jenkins’ Website The 2012 Story

2011 Presentation:
Lord Jaguar and 2012:
A Maya King Reaches Through Time

John will present new breakthroughs in understanding 2012, based on a 7th-century inscription carved by a Maya king named Lord Jaguar. Revealing of how 2012 was being used by the ancient Maya, and what it meant for them, Jenkins explains the startling evidence that Lord Jaguar intended to reach through the centuries and play a role in a sacrifice ritual intended for the 13-baktun cycle end-date, December 21, 2012. If, in his discarnate visitation, he can successfully perform that rite, transformation and world renewal will follow. But who will summon Lord Jaguar?

Justin Patrick Moore

Justin Patrick Moore is a dreamer, writer, radio personality, and artistic audio alchemist, who also dabbles in visual collage and other media. He is Hieromemnon of the Hermaphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk, a member of the Horus-Maat Lodge, and a student in the Robert Moss school of Active Dreaming. He has been a radio personality for over ten years, having his start with The Psychedelicatessin on the pirate station Anti-Watt. His current radio show, On the Way to the Peak of Normal, airs weekly on the community station WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati, Ohio where he transmits Magick on the airwaves, broadcasting the best in independent and underground music. He is also a contributing writer for the website He makes hearth and home in Cincinnati with his wife and children. Books have been very good to Justin who has worked in a Library for over a decade.

So This is Medias

2011 Presentation:
The Library Angel and Its Oracle

It is my belief that books are telepathic. As records of peoples thoughts and feelings, they act as intermediaries between people spread out across vast distances of time and space. Ideas mix, mingle, and often bear new children among humans who are avid readers. This is how books have learned to communicate with each other. For scholars, researchers, and writers, new ideas often arrive synchronistically when the right book appears to them at the right time. Information needed to pursue a given idea, or to help bridge ideas together is brought to writers who follow the helpful play of coincidence. Arthur Koestler described such occurrences as being the action of an Agency he dubbed the Library Angel, whom he said is ”in charge of providing cross references.” The Library Angel is at work when books fall off the shelf to help a person learn something they need to know, or when a discovery is made by finding a book shelved in the wrong place. The Library Angel provides the ultimate form of bibliomancy.

In the Qabalah there is an Angel known as Harahel (also Herochiel or Herachiel) one of the 72 names of the Shemhamphorae. This Angel is associated with archives, libraries, cabinets containing rarities, and publishing. Harahel is thus the name of the Library Angel, a being available to help writers, editors, and others involved in the book trade and the business of books. These themes are explored through history, personal and shared anecdotal evidence of Harahel in action, and dreams. The Library as a divine entity in its own right is also discussed. Consciously working with Harahel has interesting implications for Libraries, small and specialty presses and the Esoteric Book Community in general. The Library Angel is also a Literary Agent who can further invigorate the plethora of magicians, writers and  presses working in the esoteric field.

Dr. George Sieg

Dr. George Sieg’s primary research interests in the field of esotericism have been occult warfare beliefs (on which he submitted his thesis at the University of Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism) and the sinister tradition in contemporary Satanism. His forthcoming articles include an article concerning the theme of occult warfare in the context of esotericism and politics, as well as an analysis of developments in Satanic groups inspired by the Order of Nine Angles. Currently an adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico teaching living world religions and the history of western civilization, Dr. Sieg’s previous publications concerning esotericism include a consideration of antinomianism in Japanese Tantric Buddhism, published inOracle, an analysis of the theme of detached action in the karma yoga of the Bhagavad-Gita in Scarlet Imprint’s Devoted, and an evaluation of the apocalyptic theme in occult warfare belief in Scarlet Imprint’s XVI.  He has also written on the theme of conceptual horror in the post-modern philosophy journal Collapse.

Michael Staley

Michael Staley has been a member of the Typhonian Order for more than thirty years. He is the editor and publisher of Starfire, an occasional Thelemic journal which first appeared in 1986. The founder of Starfire Publishing, now in its 25th year, he has been for many years the publisher of the late Kenneth Grant. A collector of Spare’s art, and immersed in Spare’s work for many years now, Michael is particularly interested in how this work resonates with other mystical and magical traditions.

Starfire Publishing

2011 Presentation:
Transmitting the Sacred Fire

There is a mystical and magical vision, first articulated in The Book of Pleasure and subsequently developed in his art, which burns at the heart of much of Spare’s drawings and paintings. In this illustrated talk, Michael discusses Spare’s vision with illustrated reference to several pictures which communicate it particularly clearly, drawing in particular on the mature 1950s writings of Spare published in Zos Speaks.

Two early pen, ink and watercolour sketchbooks by Spare from 1905/6 are being published by Starfire Publishing as Two Grimoires, which has its international launch at this Conference.

Craig Williams

Craig Williams is an initiated member of La Societe Voudon Gnostique and Ecclesia Gnostica Aerterna. He is one of the few westerners to receive the prestigious Veda Kovid title from David Frawley and the American Institute of Vedic Studies, acknowledging extensive and initiated study of Tantra, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrolgy, Yoga and Vedanta. He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Religious Studies, Philosophy and English Literature with a focus on Gnosticism and Eastern Religion, and holds a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine. Craig is a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist in private practices, and is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Craig’s writings are featured in an upcoming release from Fulgur, Atua: Voices of La Societe Voudon Gnostique.

2011 Presentation:
Voice of the Dark Goddess

This lecture will explore the various expressions of the Dark Goddess Kali and Her connection to western esotericism in general and the Voudon Gnosis current in particular. The talk will explore in depth the Tantric Goddesses Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, and Dhumavati reveal how They function as doorways to deeper levels of magical consciousness and liberation. We will explore the use of mantra in ritual work and examine the Tantric philosophy of the Dark Goddess as the revelation of Kosmic Gnosis. The presentation will include discussion of Goddess imagery, explanation of the use of specific Tantric mantras, history of the Dark Goddesses and Their connection to Voudon Gnosis.


2011 Artists:


Formally trained in Graphics and Illustration at the Liverpool School of Art and Design, Amodali now lectures on these subjects in the U.K.

Exhibition — ‘Liber Incarnadine’ and selected Works:
The featured artworks pulsate with an intricate, yet visceral erotica. Illustrating magical dynamics and parameters of Amodali’s interpretations of alchemy, sex magic and the 156 current. A retrieval of image from liminal, ecstatic, trance states. The pieces are delicately realized collages of photography, illustration and mixed media. Typographic elements underline the conceptual analogue to the interactive aspects of the L.I. Project.

Amodali’s Website Liber Incarnadine

Kineta Chien

Kineta Chien creates mixed-media, sculptural paintings in acylic, wax, clay and found objects. Influenced by spiritual artifacts from many cultures — the reliquaries and altar paintings of medieaval Europe, scultpted walls of tantric temples, Oceanic and African carvings, the sequined flags and bottles of Haitian Vodou — her work investigates the relation between the material and the magical, the point at which the mythic and ancestral worlds penetrate into the outer world. Using esoteric symbolism and correspondence, she explores art as a process by which objects are imbued with talismanic power and spiritual purpose.

Kineta is a practicing ceremonial magician and an initiate of Hatian Vodou.


Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is a ChAOrder Magickian and Baphometic avatar dedicated to the reification of surrealism and the realization of magickal aesthethis via the multi-media of Art/s: Drawing, painting, ritual theatre, film, sculpture, musick…

Hailing from Australia, Orryelle travels, performs and exhibits worldwide. He is an initiated Adinath, Aghori, Thelemite and Voudon Gnostic. Past publications includeConjunctio (Fulgur 08), The Book of Kaos Tarot (iNSPiRALink.), The Choronzom Machine DVD (iNSPiRALink.), SilKMilK MagiZain #1–4 (editor and contributor), plus contributions to various publications such as XVI (Scarlet Imprint ’10), Hecate: Her Sacred Fires (Avalonia ’10), Liber Malorum (Paganarchy Press ’07), Dreamflesh 1(Dreamflesh Press), ATUA (Fulgur ’11).

Orryelle is having a good harvest this year with several much-delayed projects seeing manifestation: Coagula from Fulgur (Feb) — the Gold Book of his Tela Quadrivium alchymic fourfold bookweb; The Book of Going Back by Night (May?) trade edition; and the 156=Musick CD via the Polish label Zoharum, a global collective project of The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk, a group of artist-magicians which he instigated.

At the EBC 2011, Orryelle will be presenting a selection of original work (with several prints also available) from Coagula and the next volume of the Tela Quadrivium, Solve (due 2012). Works from this Black Book are experiments in new mediums for the artist (lo-res preview example, ‘Hecate Triformis’, shown here).

Additionally, Orryelle will be presenting a complex sculptural installation especially for the EBC, involving a Solve-ing and Coagula-ting life-size statue. As well as being on exhibition in various transmutated forms throughout the weekend, this piece will also feature in a special two-part performance with Music and Ritual Theatre at the end of each day’s presentations, re-contextualizing myths of Orpheus and the Maenads. Full details of this special event will be added to the EBC site later…

In Nomine Msenomyne


Maria Dolorosa de la Cruz

Dolorosa is an esoteric artist born in Salto, Uruguay, now living and working in Dublin Ireland.

Drawing is her main framework for esoteric experiments in weaving symbol and language. She uses line work to evoke living flows, rhythms of energy to channel spirits and to wander indefinitely along the endless paths of quests with focus and devotion.

Her influences are many from the literature of the surrealists especially from compatriot Isidore Ducasse, and from Unica Zurn to the occult art of Austin Osman Spare and Stefi Grant. Their willful playfulness and techniques, which consist of personal magical languages made from rituals, anagrams, automatic writings and drawings, have shaped her path and have laid a great framework for her own magical workings.

She is a member of La Société Voudon Gnostique (S.V.G.) and has had her work published in Abraxas, (Fulgur), SilkMIlk 4, and in the forthcoming ATUA: Voices from La Société Voudon Gnostique (Fulgur).

Her online works can be seen at Paraphilia magazine art gallery and at her blog, The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus.

Paraphilia magazine gallery The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus Blog

Patrick Larabee

“I am practitioner of the Sabbatic Mysteries as a Walker of the Lonely Road. My personal work is concerned with practices of Traditional Witchcraft and Sorcery. I am an artist and writer who seeks to bring to light the Mysteries of the Darkness through Image and Word, Rite and Praxis. I wish to share the Knowledge of the Heart of the Soul in Love with the All. I seek to depict the place where the Soul meets Body, the In-Between Realm where the Flesh and the Spirit co-mingle to create the Dreaming: the Vast Projections of the All-Luminous and Darkly-Burning Self. What I give is a distillation of Mystic Experience, a Retort-full of the Heavenly Gnostic Numina; a Gift from the Holy Sorcerous Daemonic Host: the Gods and Spirits of the Witch-Blood, to us, the Children of the Serpent.”

Joshua Madara

Joshua is an electronic thaumaturge in Seattle, Washington, exploring the expression and augmentation of magic through technology. He publishes online demonstrations of multimedia interactions for magic at, and instructs classes in computer-assisted and computer-based magics at Arcanorium College.


2011 Exhibit:
Electronomicon: The Book of Electric Names

The Electronomicon is an electronic grimoire, a physical computing interface for electro-magical machine-spirits, that may challenge our assumptions about and distinctions between channeled and constructed entities, and trivial and non-trivial machines. It will be shown for the first time at this year’s Esoteric Book Conference.

Denny Sargent

Denny Sargent (a.k.a.: Aion 131, Hermeticusnath), author, instructor and practicing Eclectic Ritualist, for several decades has been a ceramic artist incorporating a variety of ancient and contemporary esoteric symbols, glyphs, and archetypes into his ceramic vessels and sculptures. His current gallery representations include Stargazer’s Store & Gallery in Bellevue; Shoreline/LFP Art Gallery in Shoreline; and Oasis Gallery in Wallingford.

“In all my work I am combining completely new sacred alphabets and original images/sigils as well as traditional glyphs and symbols from ancient sources to create new and powerful sacred objects. Sacred Yoni Vessels have existed in every culture since the dawn of time, and the bowl or pot itself has often been a simple yet primal image of the genetrixor goddess in most cultures. The Sacred Vessels in this show utilize original images and sigils and as well as integrating symbols and glyphs from a variety of ancient traditions. A majority of the stamps used in my work are based on my own created glyphs and sacred alphabets. All these Vessels have a sacred and magickal aspect or purpose to them as well as an aesthetic one. The mate of the Yoni Vessel is the Lingam. Lingams (Lings) are a shape of power, creation and fertility that have been used in rituals and worship from the dawn of prehistory until now in all root cultures. The term comes from Hindu/Tantric iconography, and in this system the Ling is an image of SHIVA, often related to a phallus (usually set within a yoni). As a mystic and artist I am fascinated with these shapes as a focused and unique canvas for my archetypes, symbols, sigils and compositions in general. For years I have been creating large sacred vessels; my Sacred Ling series is both inspired by and compliments the Sacred Yoni Vessels. Together, they birth something new… Our studio site has links to many galleries of my work and a few surprises:”

Denny will also have at least one book signing at this year’s conference.

Sargent Studios

Gabriela Sarna

Gabriela Sarna is an enthusiast and student of the Spirit World and the many manifestations it allows through art, healing and magic. With a deep dedication to honoring the Guardians of the Land and the Ancestors, her work continues to expand within the traditions of European Witchery, Oracular Craft and Shamanism.

As an artist, Gabriela’s main focus is to stay an open vessel for the forms and faces that emerge from the mists in a visual representation of the hidden world.  Through listening to the whispers of the Beings that Arrive and awaken the desire to be shown, a relationship is formed that extracts the details and format of the final design.

This current body of work: “Guardians of the Heart Most Sacred,” is a journey and exploration of the subtle and fierce yearnings for the divine Heart within that connects to and calls forth Angels, Beasts and Familiars who watch over the portals between flesh and spirit.  The intent of each of these paintings is to introduce some of the Guardians as well as to act as a portal that takes one deeper into the realms they reside in.

All Gates Within

Daniel Schulke

Daniel Schulke is an artist working primarily in oil on canvas. Using the iconography of hermeticism, witchcraft and cults of spirit-possession, his images depict sensorial phantasmagoria arising from ecstatic states of magical practice. Images in the current exhibition were painted in conjunction with the reificatory cycle of his latest book Lux Hæresis which concerns the magical translocation of the senses, within and outside the body. His images draw primarily from the symbology of the medieval witches’ sabbat and encrypt varied arcana of its folk-sorcery. Since 2000 he has served as co-director of Xoanon Limited, sole publisher of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, a sodality of traditional witchcraft initiates in Britain and North America.

Liv Rainey-Smith

Artist Liv Rainey-Smith specializes in hand-pulled woodcut prints. Her bold figure-oriented imagery draws upon visions from Enochian and Qlippothic work, Gnosticism, nightmares, history and fiction. Rainey-Smith’s process incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern tools as well as a blend of European and Japanese printmaking technique. She prints primarily in small editions and is earning a reputation for the fine quality of her printing as well as her unique style. She received her BFA in 2008 from the Oregon College of Art and Craft and has been a professional member of Print Arts Northwest since 2010. Liv was born in Moab, Utah, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Kerry Ryan Simmons

Kerry Ryan Simmons is a visionary artist and eclectic magician based in Seattle, Washington. Her oil, acrylic, and pastel paintings are an extension of her esoteric and magical study and praxis with a focus on spiritual alchemy, astrology, natural magic, herbalism, and traditional witchcraft.

Benjamin A. Vierling

Benjamin A. Vierling was born in 1974, and has been evoking arcane imagery since he could hold a brush. He studied the Renaissance painting technique of mixing egg tempera and oil pigments with Phillip Rubinov Jacobson in Reichenau, Austria, and currently works from his California Atelier in a Gold Rush era convent. Specializing in mythical portraiture and Vanitas themes, his paintings are exhibited and collected internationally. He is represented by the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Vierling’s illustration work has appeared in a wide variety of occult and metaphysical contexts including, illuminated horoscopes, ritual music album covers, and alchemical treatises. Among the pieces exhibited at the Esoteric Book Conference are the original pen and ink drawings for Jocus Severus, published by Ouroboros Press, 2011, as well as the paintings used for the highly acclaimed alchemical books by Robert Allen Bartlett, Real Alchemyand The Way of the Crucible, published by Ibis Press, 2009.

Markus Wolff

Markus Wolff grew up in Germany and Austria before coming to Southern California in his early teens. The influences from European culture and art which he absorbed during his childhood continue to inform his creations. In the late 80s, Wolff embarked on a program of college sculpture classes and soon specialized in lost wax bronze casting and glass casting. The work from this period was exhibited in San Diego in 1994 and in San Francisco in 1995. Concurrently, Wolff was a founding member of the percussion heavy performance group Crash Worship (1986), and designed many of their posters and merchandise as well as most of their record and CD packages. After two European and numerous US tours, Wolff left the band in 1996 to move to Portland and concentrate on new projects. Using the moniker “Heidnischwerk” (heathen works), he started work on a series of works deities from Norse and Germanic religion and mythology. Sculptures and drawings from this project were first exhibited in Portland in 1999.

In 2005, he exhibited in and helped curate a group Heathen Art show with artists from across the continent and beyond (more information). A drawing of the goddess Sif appeared on the cover of the first issue of Hex magazine. In the last few years, he has drawn a series of Norse inspired T-Shirt designs for the company November Fire. He has also executed cover art and graphics for such underground acts as Soriah, Daniel Menche, Lasher Keen, Agalloch, L’Acephale, and Neurot Recordings. When possible, he has devotes time to his music project Waldteufel (Forest Devil), which has released three albums and several singles.

“My work is an ongoing attempt to forge a connection that reaches from the most ancient origins of my ancestors’ creative spark to the present and beyond, as well as an an effort to explore and communicate a mythic world view. The works are symbolic way markers on my path through this world and often draw from dreams and visions. In this endeavor, I place a high value in craftsmanship and its role in shaping art. I prefer to use traditional forms and materials as a way to immerse myself in the subject matter, while often drawing from the immense well of Symbolism and folk arts.”

Joshua Madara

Joshua is an electronic thaumaturge in Seattle, Washington, exploring the expression and augmentation of magic through technology. He publishes online demonstrations of multimedia interactions for magic at, and instructs classes in computer-assisted and computer-based magics at Arcanorium College.


2011 Exhibit:
Electronomicon: The Book of Electric Names

The Electronomicon is an electronic grimoire, a physical computing interface for electro-magical machine-spirits, that may challenge our assumptions about and distinctions between channeled and constructed entities, and trivial and non-trivial machines. It will be shown for the first time at this year’s Esoteric Book Conference.

2011 Performers:

Orryelle Defenstrate Bascule

2011 Performance:

Two special performances, ‘SOLVE’ and/et ‘COAGULA’, one towards the end of each day of the conference, will engage attendees in the process of metamorphosis of Orryelle’s sculptures on display throughout the Conference. Some of the sculptural transformations will take place during these musical and theatrical performances, but look out for progressive changes in the exhibition throughout the day also…

Orryelle’s other work being exhibited at the Conference will relate to this production too, being drawings from COAGULA (Fulgur Limited 2011) andSOLVE (Fulgur, projected for 2012). Thus the performances and metamorphic sculpture sit as a fulcrum between these alchemical tomes and the processes they embody (its chronology similarly reversed to demonstrate a progressive spiral).

The Ancient Greek bard Orpheus can never return to the Underworld after seeking his lost love there. Immortalised yet unable to appreciate His eternal body, he was torn limb from limb by the Maenads, wildwomen in the retinue of Dionysos. The disembodied head floated off down the river of Acheron, singing ever…

A head, alone on the currents, adrift on the elements, found by the Knights Templar and become their oracle…

A head, having learnt presence, disembodied yet with heightened senses, aware now of the power of the physical form in which it is forever encased, wise and carnal, desires to make a new body…

Featuring Orryelle’s new diSolve-ing and Coagula-ting life-size statue, ‘SOLVE’ et/and ‘COAGULA’ are intense pieces of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre reworking and entwining ancient myths in a new musical production with black-light theatre and kinetic sculptural installation.

It is part of an ongoing project which is aimed to culminate at the Grave of Orpheus in Bulgaria (Ancient Thrace) in 2012.

A small book with the verse of the production, written and illustrated by Orryelle, will be available at the Conference, also including full production credits and a CD of the music.

O Msenomyne
Begetter of Inspiration
Mother of Muses
Lover of Losers
Help us to reMember, to gather the Lost pieces
For when our limbs are sundered
Our body dismembered
Our head disembodied
Our ego maimed
Then may we remember
Our missing member
And the embers be blown back to flame

Gordan Djurdjevic

Gordan Djurdjevic holds a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. His main research interests are vernacular traditions of Yoga and Tantra, contemporary Occultism, Thelema, and comparative Esotericism. He is the author of Masters of Magical Powers: The Nath Yogis in the Light of Esoteric Notions (VDM: 2008) and India and the Occult: The Influence of South Asian Spirituality on Western Esoteric Tradition (Equinox: 2012, forthcoming), and he is co-editor, with Henrik Bogdan, of an anthology, Occultism in a Global Perspective (Equinox: 2013, forthcoming).

2011 Performance:
Making The Mundane Magical:
Aleister Crowley’s Magus Initiation and the Practice of Esoteric Hermeneutics

Aleister Crowley inherited a model of spiritual attainment — with certain modifications — from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. According to this system, the three highest initiatic grades are the Magister Templi, Magus, and Ipsissimus. My presentation will take as a point of departure the particulars of Crowley’s Magus initiation, the major part of which occurred while he was living in New York City during WWI. The initiation took its definite form within the context of ordinary life, commencing with the perception that the women he was interacting with assumed the resemblance and role of hierophants wearing animal masks of the Egyptian gods. In a similar vein, Crowley’s choice between two particular lovers — an apparently mundane issue — assumed the nature of a magical test of his fitness for the grade. The underlying modus operandi of the initiation had its root in the Oath of the Magister Templi, which contained the clause: “I will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul.” This oath thus engages an esoteric technique that consists of the interpretation of everyday reality as spiritually meaningful and leads to the sanctification of the mundane. I elaborate on the Magus initiation explained as the ‘reading of reality’ by providing some cross-cultural instances of similarly conducted practice as it is done in Soto Zen (Genjo-koan), Sufism (ta’wil) and in Roland Barthes’ semiology. On the basis of these examples and their importance, I argue that hermeneutics, whether understood as reading of texts or of reality as a text, requires closer attention in the study and practice of esotericism.


Amodali is an experimental vocalist/musician. Creating sonic sculptures, primal vocalizations, that form a unique vocabulary of ecstatic consciousness. Describing her work as ‘aural cartography of the awakened female magical body’, she uses voice as a medium for exploration of magic, trance states, and esoteric sexuality, engaging participants with complex, challenging jouissance.

Amodali has produced an extensive body of work extending over twenty years dedicated to exploring the 156 current. Performances are libidinous, visceral, serpentine manifestations of investigations into various phenomena associated with magical sexuality. She is most often associated with the ten-year project Mother Destruction, which was a vehicle for explorations of ‘seidr’ or ‘Seething’, a form of Nordic shamanism.

Returning to long established roots as an electronic, experimental musician, 2011 performances will feature ‘Liber Incarnadine’, a recently launched online, interactive project: an experiment which seeks to nurture pan-sexual, magical engagement with the primordial, universal Eros under the auspices of Our Lady Babalon, creating a focus for the erotic impulse, love and its crystallization within the written word. An open invitation is extended to individuals to make anonymous text contributions to the L.I. site. The text is seamlessly taken into a virtual ‘grail’ to create an infinite love letter to Our Lady. Visuals from the site will be projected in the live venue, extracts of the text will be taken at random and incorporated into Amodali’s performance, where it will be vocalized as chant. Tracks from the new album of the same name will also be featured.

L.I. is the first public liturgy of ‘Incarnadine Lodge’ a Gnostic, illuminist body dedicated to research and exploration of the 156 current, sex magic and alchemy. L.I. brings together many threads of Amodali’s work and research into the relationships between sonics, language, sexuality and magick. A response to the evolutionary imperative implied by the 156 current, in cultivating magical, ecstatic engagement and developing this into forms that can be shared by all.

“For as thy blood is mingled in the cup of BABALON, so is thine heart the universal heart.” (From The Vision and the Voice, “The Cry of the 5th Aethyr”)

Lux Interna

For over a decade now, Lux Interna has been crafting aural altars to the inner light. Originally brought into being through Joshua Levi Ian and Kathryn Gentzke, the project has been host to a shifting constellation of musical talents over the years, each leaving their trace upon the musical landscape. Through tapestries of minor chords, human voice, delicate drones and violent sprawls of sound, Lux Interna continues to hymn the hidden god with impassioned intensity, seeking fire in the tension between transcendence and immanence. While the earlier albums were often associated with the genre of neofolk, their recent work has evidenced a musical shift marked by a heavier, more ritualistic sound, incorporating electric instruments, loops, and percussion, haunted by flourishes of ghostly banjo and droning fngerstyle guitar. While undoubtedly drawing inspiration from Joshua’s intensive studies of Abrahamic mysticism and Christian esotericism, Lux Interna’s lyrics continue to be harvested from a deeply personal and idiosyncratic field of symbols and visions.

To date, Lux Interna has released five full length CDs and one 10″ with the German cult label Eis & Licht, as well as the Brooklyn-based darkwave label, Projekt Records. In addition, Lux Interna has participated on many European and American compilation releases, including Forseti Lebt, the musical tribute to the work of Andreas Ritter, and was featured in the historical musicological work Looking for Europe. Joshua and Kathryn are currently hard at work on a new full length slated to be released on Projekt Records in Autumn 2011.

Over the past decade, Lux Interna has performed across the globe from Moscow to Los Angeles, including two appearances at the Gotik Wave Trefen in Leipzig, Germany. And Joshua and Kathryn have had the pleasure of collaborating with several celebrated members of the underground music community such as Kris Force of Amber Asylum, Andreas Ritter of Forseti, and Henryk Vogel of Darkwood, and have also contributed vocals to the latest full length release by the legendary German dark folk band, Sonne Hagal.

At the Esoteric Book Conference, Lux Interna will be performing all new material from their upcoming release on Projekt Records, there is Light in the Body, there is Blood in the Sun: a cycle of songs that weave sound as skin for spirit, exploring the chiasm between flesh, light, divinity, world, and word.

LUX Interna’s Website On Facebook On iTunes Official Projekt Artist Page


Waldteufel is a project founded by Markus Wolff while he was still in Crash Worship. It has existed since 1995 and at the beginning included Annabel Lee whose violin and viola performances and arrangements gave the first album Heimliches Deutschland its unique character. After that, Wolff produced some songs on his own until he found a worthy cohort in Tyrsson Sinclair. Together, they produced the two following albums, Sanguis and Rauhnacht, and embarked on playing quite a few noteworthy concerts, including the Flammenzauber Festival in Germany and a Wild Hunt performance at the Old Church in Portland. After some more experimental solo performances, Wolff more recently has resumed life activity with the help of two friends, Brian B. and Jason. They combine the emphasis on organic unusual percussion brought in from Jason’s project A Minority Of One, and the multiple talents of Brian on stringed instruments, harmonium and percussion.

At the Esoteric Book Conference, the trio will focus on a new work, based on an epic poem by Alexander von Bernus. Bernus was a 20th Century alchemist, poet, and follower of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. His Gesang an Luzifer (Ode to Lucifer) was first published in 1923. This work will be augmented by songs based on words by Stefan George, Bruno Goetz, and Karl Wolfskehl, whose poetry often combines Pagan and (esoteric) Christian ideas, as well as works of a more nature-mystical quality.

Waldteufel’s Website


2011 Book Releases

Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies No. 2

Fulgur Limited

Following the grand reception of the first issue of ABRAXAS, I am delighted to announce ABRAXAS 2 is now available for the first time inthe USA at the Esoteric Book Conference.

Substantially larger than the first issue, Abraxas No.2 offers 210 pagesof essays, poetry, interviews and art. Uniquely produced in a large highquality format, printed on a variety of papers, richly illustrated incolor and monochrome, and offering our first free DVD audio supplement,we hope this issue of Abraxas will provoke and inspire.

Ansell, Robert. (ed.) ABRAXAS No. 2: International Journal of Esoteric
Studies. Summer Solstice, 2011. London: Fulgur Limited, 2011.

Contributions for this second issue include:

An Ira Cohen Special Feature
The Ritual Theatre of Hallucination
Allan Graubard
The Far Side of the World’s Mirror
Ian MacFadyen

Brion Gysin: Shaman of the Beat Hotel
by Jon Crabb
Peter Redgrove: Blood and Dreams
by Edward Gauntlett
Finding the Long-Lost Friend
by Dan Harms
The White Goddess, A Personal Account
by Grevel Lindop
Fossil Angels
by Alan Moore
Pashupâti: A Cainite Trimurti?
by Shani Oates
Urban Sigils
by Mark Titchner

Poetry, plus
Lost Words / Ira Cohen (Holograph poem printed on Lokta paper)
The Habit of Perfection / Ithell Colquhoun (Holograph poem printed on
vellum/skined colored paper)
On the Always Wandering Way / Christopher Greenchild
Sorceress in Mauve / Peter Redgrove
Invocation of the Horned God / Doreen Valiente
Knowledge / T. Thorn Coyle
To Raise the Dead and enjoy Congress with Them / Peter Dube
She’s Lost Control / Heather Tracy

Astral Flight – Talon Abraxas
Untitled – Marcelo Bordese
Five Studies – Lauren Simonutti
Elucidarium – Misior

IO:EVOE The Transvocatory Media of Barry Hale
An interview by Robert Fitzgerald
Interview with Joe Max by Amy Hale
Endless Shifting: A Feast of Images Swallowed by Sound;
An interview with Adi Newton by Jack Sargeant
Tesserae compiled by Gavin Semple

And our First Audio Supplement CD featuring material from:
Arktau Eos
John Contreras
English Heretic
High Mountain Tempel
Philip Legard
Noko: Order 41
Okok Research?Bureau
Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
The Psychogeographical Commission

In oversize wraps with custom papers as per ABRAXAS Issue Number One.
Illustrations & special additions.

Available from JD Holmes

Distributors for Fulgur Limited, Starfire Publishing, Jerusalem Press,
Edda Publishing, Xoanon, and Capall-Bann
JD Holmes, ABAA – ILAB
Holmes Publishing Group LLC
Postal Box 2370
Sequim WA 98382 USA

Fulgur Limited Abraxas Journal

The Heretic’s Guide to Thelema Volume 1: New Aeon Magick by Gerald del Campo

Concrescent Press

This book is a new edition of a now classic work from a long-time practitioner of Thelema. It is a expression of his experience in a variety of forms of Thelema and a number of Thelemic institutions. First written as an explanation for the author’s young children, this recently corrected and improved version is a unique presentation of Thelema as it is actually lived. It is valuable to us all not because it is right, or orthodox, or for any other reason but that is IS. Thelema needs every form itself to be manifest in order for its full potential to be realized.

Some will object, and thelemically, they are welcome to do so. But the Magi have always learned from Nature and so we must note that although Nature abhors a vacuum, She hates monocultures: She always and only destroys them. Variety and diversity only will strengthen the current of Thelema. As it is said: Success is your proof.


Gerald Enrique del Campo is a poet, musician, songwriter, photographer, magician, philosopher, author, and lecturer on occult and religious topics.

He was a member of the O.T.O. for 20 years and served as Master of ­RPSTOVAL Oaisis and as the Order’s Quartermaster. He was also a member of the College of Thelema, Fraternitas Lux Occulta, and The Hermetic Order of QBLH, and was a founding member of the Temple of Thelema. In 1999 he founded the The Order of Thelemic Knights, a Thelemic charitable organization based on the virtues soldiering and ­chivalry as exemplified by Templarism.

Besides New Aeon Magick, Del Campo also wrote New Aeon English ­Qabalah Revealed and the Ethics of Thelema, forthcoming in separate volumes by ­Concrescent Press as part of The Heretic’s Guide to ­Thelema collection.

Concrescent Press

Hex Magazine #9

Issue #9 of Hex Magazine will be released at the Esoteric Book Conference on September 10th. Come join us and get your copy early!

This issue’s contents:
How Hex Magazine Changed My Life
Old Ways & New Days: A Multi-Issue Poll of Heathen Thought & Practice
Uuodenes Rid (Wodens Ride)
Seasonal Recipes
Six Questions to Six Heathen Hexologists and Their Six Hexes
Winter Traditions ~ Personal Narratives
The Language of Myth: Sky-Father, Folk-King, and Warlord
The Importance of Sooth in Heathenism
The Sacred and the Holy
Speckled Snake & Brother Birch: Amanita Muscaria Motifs in Celtic Legends
Cover Art: Baba Yaga by Ravenari
And then some…

Imaginal Reality: Volume One: Journey to the Voids By Aaron B. Daniels and Laura M. Daniels

Aeon Books

Our world is a far wilder, weirder and more mysterious place than we ever admit, yet the magic we perform every day hides beneath the countless explanations we foist onto life. In the face of these convincing yet empty explanations, we displace our hunger for a sense of the magical onto other goals, addictions, and distractions. Left at odds with the very sublimity that animates our every moment, we have turned magic into an exception, a collection of superstitions, a historical backwater, and a cinematic spectacle, rather than the very fabric of life as lived. This book is about recovering the imagination of magic and the magic of imagination.

This, the first of two volumes, introduces the landscape of the imaginal and the existential voids. Through illustrative stories and self-assessment exercises, this book brings the often-obscure language of existentialism, esotericism, and imaginal psychology to life.

“Full cerebral download” says Peter J. Carroll, author of Liber Null and Psychonaut.

“The finest book on contemporary existential magic I have ever read” says George Holochwost, 1º Magus, Illuminates of Thanateros.


Aaron B. Daniels, Ph.D. teaches psychology at New England College in New Hampshire. He holds degrees from Baldwin-Wallace College (BA), Duquesne University (MA), and Pacifica Graduate Institute (Ph.D.). He prefers, however, to claim a Doctorate in Metaphysics from Lovecrafts eldritch Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts. After working for a decade in clinical psychology, he transitioned into academia. This is his first book.

Laura M. Daniels, M.Ac. practices Chinese medicine in New England, and is also a tai chi and qi gong practitioner, graphic designer and editor. She holds degrees from Baylor University (BA in Anthropology), and the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (M.Ac. in Chinese Medicine).

Incendiary Arts

Two Grimoires by Austin Osman Spare

Starfire Publishing

Both grimoires are notebooks containing more than twenty pen, ink and watercolour images, many embellished with gold, and are previously unpublished. The first, The Focus of Life & The Papyrus of Amen-AOS, is dated 1905-6. Much of the lettering remains in pencil, some of it giving clues to the underlying meaning of the imagery. An important element of this grimoire is that it features an early form of the ‘exteriorisation of sensation’ which Spare subsequently developed into the Sacred Alphabet which is a feature of The Book of Pleasure. The second, slightly later notebook is The Arcana of AOS & the Consciousness of Kia-Ra, dated 1906. This picks up some of the imagery from the earlier notebook as well as adding some new elements.

These two grimoires by Spare are at once enigmatic and full of haunting beauty. The paintings and drawings from each notebook are here reproduced in full colour. With an Introduction by Michael Staley and analytical essays by Stephen Pochin and William Wallace, this publication adds to our understanding of Spare’s early years as an artist, mystic and philosopher and sheds light on the early development of his sigillisation techniques.

Starfire Publishing

The Woman Magician by Brandy Williams


Always the muse, never the magician — until now!

Western metaphysics assumes magicians are men. Since the Victorian era women have been able to join magical orders and perform ritual magic by assuming the identity of men, by acting as the intuitive inspiration to the magician himself, or by taking the role of the earth mother priestess.

The Woman Magician challenges that assumption. Examining and challenging the Western understanding of women’s bodies, energies, and powers, the book articulates a new metaphysics which frees and empowers women to act authentically as women and as magicians.

In the century-old tradition of ritual magic the book covers both theory and practice. The theory section explores the Western magical tradition and the science, philosophy and theology that formed the tradition.

The practice section includes both personal and group rituals which combine the insights of the Women’s Spirituality Movement with ritual magic forms. The group rituals describe a new magical order, Sisters of Seshat, the first woman-only fraternal style initiatory system since the French Revolution.


Brandy Williams is an internationally known writer and lecturer on esoteric topics with a special emphasis on women’s studies. Her experiences as a Dianic Witch, an initiated traditional Witch, a Golden Dawn initiate, an ordained priestess of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, and a chartered initiator and former body master of Ordo Templi Orientis uniquely qualifies her to trace the underlying assumptions about women in each of these systems. Her life work bridges the humanist understandings of the twentieth century Dianic and Pagan movements and the classical ritual of the nineteenth century magical lodges.

Brandy Williams


2011 Hosts:

Catamara Rosarium

Catamara Rosarium is an Alchemist, Master Herbalist, and Ritual Artist. She has been a student and practitioner of various Western and Eastern traditions over the past 15 years. Her current studies and practicum include Alchemy, Tantra, Spagyrics, Wortcunning, and Cunning Craft Sorcery. She is the sole proprietor of Rosarium Blends a business dedicated to concocting various alchemical creations to enliven the senses.

Her continuous passions lie in esoteric arts, with an emphasis on cross diversification, working to cultivate networking and community based events wherein diverse belief systems and traditional practices may be shared and to offer deeper understanding and education through these communal experiences.

Rosarium Blends On Facebook

William Kiesel

William Kiesel is a historical and practical researcher in the field of western esotericism with a particular focus on symbol systems. He is director of Ouroboros Press, an editor of CLAVIS: Journal of Occult Arts and the founding administrator at the EBC. In addition to publishing the complete and corrected edition of the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum under his own imprint, his most recent book, Magic Circles in the Grimoire Tradition was released by Three Hands Press.

Ouroboros Press On Facebook

2011 Book Fair

The EBC is also representing the following publishers and will have titles available for sale at their table which will be located next to the registration table.