Daniel A. Schulke & Benjamin A. Vierling

Daniel A. Schulke is the author of Veneficium: Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path (2012). His book The Green Mysteries will be released this Autumn through Three Hands Press.

Benjamin A. Vierling is a California based painter and illustrator working in traditional media. His imagery has embellished publications by Three Hands Press, Ouroboros Press, and Red Wheel Weiser Books. Vierling previously exhibited at the 2011 Esoteric Book Conference, and has lectured at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, where a Decennary Retrospective of his work was shown in 2014.

Benjamin Vierling is also one of the featured artists at this year’s Esoteric Book Conference.



Presentation: Codex Naturae: The Green Mysteries and the Tradition of the Printed Herbal

The Herbal is a potent literary legacy handed down to us from the ancients, embodying a number of traditions, including natural history, science, medicine, magic and folklore. So too is its Artistic legacy: as one of the most comprehensive and ancient genres depicting Nature, its value as a conveyor of Image and Aesthetic is equal to that of its text. Yet, in over two millennia of the Herbal tradition, few have taken as their prime subject the esoteric and occult properties of plants.

In this presentation, Daniel will discuss his approaches to writing The Green Mysteries, an occult herbal 25 years in the making. The varieties of experience, research, and approach informing the book will be examined, as will the book’s relation to the Herbal tradition as a whole. Renowned artist Benjamin Vierling will present a selection of some of his images which appear in the book, and reveal the challenges, processes and techniques which assisted in giving them life. Specific emphasis will be made on the visual precedents that have informed the work, focusing on the artistic currents throughout 15th century Europe, and why their ethos is especially harmonious to the subject of Esoteric Botany.