Jason Louv

Jason Louv runs the blog Ultraculture, teaches at Magick.Me, and has written for Boing Boing, VICE News, Esquire Online, and many, many more. He is the author of Hyperworlds, Underworlds, The Angelic Reformation, Monsanto vs. the World and Queen Valentine, and the editor of Generation Hex, Ultraculture Journal and Thee Psychick Bible.


Presentation: The Angelic Reformation: John Dee, Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of Empire

Dr. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s court advisor, was the foremost scientific genius of the 16th century—promoting mathematics and astronomy, and laying the foundation of modern science. He also made advances in navigation and optics that would put England on the map as the foremost imperial power in the world—Dee, who signed his letters to Elizabeth “007,” even invented the idea of a “British Empire.”

So why have we never heard of this crucial figure in the history of science and geopolitics? Because Dee spent the second half of his career attempting to construct a religious and scientific method for contacting angels. With the help of a disreputable, criminal psychic named Edward Kelley, he succeeded—spending ten years communing with beings he believed to be the very angels and archangels of God, who gave him the keys to Enochian, the language that mankind spoke before the fall from Eden. But that was only the start—the angels would use Dee and Kelley as agents to establish a New World Order that they hoped would dominate the entire globe.

Jason Louv relates the truly stranger-than-fiction story of a man who dared to storm heaven—a tale of high magick and high adventure in Elizabethan times—piecing together the many activities of one of the most aberrantly intelligent men of the second millennium, and the plan of the angels themselves to reform humanity.