Joseph Uccello

Joseph Uccello holds a BA in English literature from San Francisco State University, and has studied graphic design and printing at Seattle Central Creative Academy. He works as a typographer, illustrator, and graphic designer; his clients include major publishers in the Occult and Alchemical realm. He creates projects through Viatorium Press, such as The God Zero: Codex of Uncertain Arts, and Occlith: Labyrinthus Archidoxae (a projected 7 volumes). Volume zero of Occlith, entitled Omniform, was released in collaboration with Three Hands Press in 2013. Volume one, tentatively titled Codex Homunculi, is set to be issued in the fall of 2016.

Joseph Uccello is also one of the featured artists at this year’s Esoteric Book Conference.


Presentation: Codex Homunculi: Reflections on the Artificial Creation of Human Life in Alchemy, Magic, and Hermeticism, Circa 300–1900 CE

The making, by the artifice of human ingenuity rather than natural birth, of a human being, ranges from the darkest corners of occult endeavor to being the centerpiece of alchemy’s search for the Stone. Over the centuries cryptic texts have arisen that allow us glimpses into this generational effort. These texts, their implications for humanity, and the many facets of meaning of the Homunculus, will be explored in depth.