Michelle Anderst

Nature’s imagination, as Freeman Dyson likes to say, is richer than ours, and he speaks of this richness in the physical and biological worlds, the endless diversity of physical forms and forms of life. For Michelle Anderst, as an artist, nature’s richness is to be studied and recorded in the endless forms of individual adaptations resulting from the the dynamic interactions between every species and their environment. Imagery from nature is interwoven with concepts of macro and microcosms paired with contrasts of energy: light and dark, male and female, organic and geometric. Traditionally reductive and analytical techniques are utilized from Michelle’s training in scientific illustration to create detailed oil paintings that are visceral, symbolic, even transcendental, preserving life and gesture even through technical technique.

Anderst studied classical painting and drawing at Southern Oregon Art Academy and Gage Academy and continues to utilize her training in Scientific Illustration from the University of Washington to illustrate the unseen energy which weaves together all of life. She currently creates work and exhibits extensively in Seattle WA, conversing with the native mosses, fungi and species of the Pacific Northwest. She has also exhibited work in Great Britain during National Science Week, Aqua Art Miami and Los Angeles.