Location & Lodging

The Esoteric Book Conference is being held in the Genome Sciences Building at the University of Washington in the William H. Foege Hall.

The Book Fair and Art show will take place in the Vista Court Cafe and Presentations will be held in the Foege Hall Auditorium. Registrations will take place at the EBC table which will be located directly in front of the doors to the Foege Hall Auditorium.

Parking is complimentary from Noon on Saturday to end of day Sunday. Unfortunately you will need to pay for parking in the morning on Saturday. The main parking lot is located at the S1 Parking Garage. Click here to download a map showing the location.

You may also request a parking pass for parking structures W27 and W28 from a Gatehouse Gaurd (located at entrance of S1 Parking lot). Both of these parking structures are located directly across the way from the Vista Cafe/Feoge auditorium on 15th. The cost of this pass is $5 and it is good for the whole day. Parking structures W27 is not available on Saturday but will be on Sunday. W28 is reserved for Husky staff, you can park there if you arrive early enough (get pass from Gatehouse located near S1), otherwise it might be full. On Sunday both of these structures will be available for parking.

**If you have any doubt about where the best location is to park or lots are full, please ask a Gatehouse Guard, tell them the event is at Feoge Hall and ask for the closest parking available.

Hotel Deca

Hotel Deca is located at 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105.  This is a 5 minute drive, 13 minute walk, and a 9 minute bus ride to the conference location. Bus lines 43, 44, or 197 will get you there. Bus line 43 departs every 9 minutes near 45th Street and 15th Ave NE intersection.

The College Inn

The College in is located 4000 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.  This is a 2 minute drive, 5 minute bus, and 5 minute walk away from the venue.


The Inn at Queen Anne

The Inn at Queen Anne is the main hotel the conference has partnered with for the previous 5 years.  Those of you who are looking for familiarity may prefer to stay here. As well the rates are cheaper then our partner hotel that is closer has offered us.  There is a direct bus line (bus #32) that departs every 30 minutes that will take you to the venue in approximately 37 minutes. The drive by car is 19 minutes.


**Direct Bus line to University District.